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In this article, coming out for crosses will be discussed, along with advices and tips to better this fundamental skill.

Coming out for crosses: technique

The basic technique collecting high balls and crosses is, when coming for a high ball:

  • always try to jump off ONE foot.
  • Bring the other knee up to the chest. This is for protection + to help you get higher.
  • If you are moving towards the RIGHT side, you will jump off your left foot, bringing the RIGHT KNEE up.  If you are moving towards the LEFT side, you will jump off the right foot and you will bring the LEFT KNEE up.

How to Learn?

Timing and Footwork are the most important qualities for coming out for crosses and collecting high balls. Once you evaluate the trajectory of the ball, quick feet and precise footwork will make it possible for you to get there with the right momentum.

It is crucial to train high balls often in order to develop an ”eye for the ball” and good timing. For the younger ones, it is recommended to start with simple drills that focus on:

  • Teaching them how to jump off one foot while bringing the other leg up for protection
  • Developing the ability to jump off the correct leg, depending on which side the cross is coming from.

Once the goalkeeper understands and masters this , then you can start with real game scenarios, with crosses from each side etc etc.

It is important to understand that during the game there will be situations where you won’t be able to do everything by the book. That is fine, these are general guidelines and basic technique but what matters most is always getting the job done in the first place.

Another important factor for coming out for crosses is positioning – the starting position. You need to give yourself a chance with clever positioning. It is recommended to try and stay higher, this will give you an advantage to get to the ball.


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